Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Discipline Styles

Discipline Styles
    Three of the main different discipline styles are moderate, strict, and permissive. Five basic types are boundary-based, gentle, positive, emotion-coaching, and behavior modification. My style would probably be moderate in the first styles, but in the second, boundary-based. Permissive parents have few rules, and let the child do what they want. Strict parents expect immediate obedience, give no explanation for demands, and use physical punishment often. The middle man, or what I'd classify myself at is moderate; they set limits, allow natural and logical consequences, and are firm with warmth, love, and kindness. The children react differently when they have different types of obedience. Strict parents' children are timid and withdraw dependent people. Permissive parents' children are spoiled, cranky, whining, are very aggressive, and want their way all the time. Moderate parents' children are responsible, cooperative and have good self-concept.

    Boundary-based discipline is what I think that my style of discipline is in this newer version of discipline philosophies. This helps a child feel safe because they have some boundaries. Limited choices are also a thing to do with this type of discipline. Gentle discipline has you create routines so the child can have a sense of control. Positive discipline is when you encourage the child using kind and positive statements. Emotion-coaching is when children can recognize and understand how they feel, so you need to use empathy to connect with them and help them understand. Behavior modification is the last, using positive reinforcement helps children increase good behavior. It is  similar to boundary-based discipline.

   Using both of these sites helped me better understand what the different types of discipline styles are, and both the new and old kinds make more choices for disciplining a child. I found that my style would be a mixture of a new and old style, and I feel that it would work out well when I have a situation that needs to be handled.  

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